My name’s David Liang and I’m a Toronto based photographer and videographer. I have a lengthy history with art that started from junior high school and extended to Sheridan College, where I was accepted in the Illustration program(2002) and their Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation Program(2003). For the most part my passion consisted of traditional mediums with a passing fascination with photography and films. I never got the chance to explore photography during or after college, as I ended up in business management after Sheridan.

5 Years later, I leave a very promising career in logistics management and found myself pulled back to my art roots. I enjoyed being good at my job but the work itself wasn’t making me happy, so I made a hard decision to leave that safety and took a risk by putting happiness first.

I became an associate photographer at Bell’s headquarters where I learned studio and corporate portrait work. I’m still very comfortable in the corporate environment so it was a great experience and starting point for me. Following that I started photography and video business servicing small to medium sized businesses.

This site was made to showcase mostly my personal work and things that I’m particularly proud of.

Visit my business page HERE to see my commercial work.

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Winner of the Expose Yourself Portrait Contest sponsored by Westcott and Judged by Jerry Ghionis http://www.parallax-effect.ca/2015/04/20/fun-session-turned-contest-win/